News Item: Gallery2 Plugin: Forcepermissions
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Posted by John
Wednesday 10 September 2008 - 20:30:00

Force all items moved into an album to adopt the same permissions as the containing album.

The default behavior of Gallery2 is to make no changes to the permissions of moved items. This makes sense for most Gallery2 deployments; but while embedding Gallery2 into a project management program, I found this behavior to be undesirable. Each project folder had special subfolders with specific permissions. When images or files were moved from a private folder to a publicly viewable folder, they would not be visible to non-users unless the user moving the files remembered to change their permissions. Training and instruction was not resolving the problem, so I came up with this plugin.

It is a very simple plugin; no options to set, nothing to configure. It registers an event listener for the GalleryEntity::save event and updates applicable permissions to match the containing folder. Eventually, I would like to add an enable checkbox for this on the Edit Album page. For now, if it is installed, it is active globally.

Download it here.

There is also a Gallery2 codex for the plugin:

Gallery2 forum discussion:

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